The falls at Kashong Point in Geneva looked spectacular on Wednesday afternoon.
Photo by Patrick Costello

The Magic of Water

MelRussoBy Carmelo “Mel” Russo


Water is a polar molecule. It has a partially negative pole at the oxygen end, and two partially positive poles at each of the hydrogen ends. This polarity of the water molecule is caused by the unequal sharing of electrons, oxygen getting the best of it. It is for this reason that ionic substances such as table salt, phosphates, and nitrates as well slightly polarized materials like sugar and alcohol will dissolve in water. There is, however, a more interesting quality of this tricky liquid. Nearness to trickling streams, rivers, lakes, and especially waterfalls is naturally magical to humans and probably other animals.

This is because H2O, particularly when moving, emits a type of harmless electromagnetic radiation known as “negative ions.” The presence of these infinitely tiny, charged particles that are in the air around water makes you feel good. An additional benefit is that these ions cleanse the air of positively charged particles including harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens, and spores. Water is truly a magical material.

Some Idyllic Falls from Around the Finger Lakes:

Photos courtesy of FingerLakes1.com