Fish Species Present in 1909 (According to Reed and Wright)

Fish Species Present in 1909 (According to Reed and Wright)

MelRussoBy Carmelo “Mel” Russo

Fish Species Present in 1909
(According to Reed and Wright)

Petromyzontidae (the lampreys)
Sea lamprey
Brook lamprey (non parasitic)

Acipenseridae (sturgeons)
Lake sturgeon

Lepisosteidae (gars)
Long-nosed gar

Amiidae (bowfins)

Ictaluridae (North American catfishes)
Spotted catfish (channel cat)
Yellow bullhead
Long-jawed catfish
Common (brown) bullhead
Tadpole cat
Brindled madtom (recent)

Catostomidae (suckers)
White sucker
Hog sucker
Chub sucker
Red horse sucker

Cyprinidae (minnows)
Red-bellied dace
Blunt-nosed minnow
Fall fish
Creek chub
Black-chinned minnow
Cayuga minnow
Varying-toothed minnow
Straw-colored minnow
Swallow-tailed minnow
Spot-tailed minnow
Silverfin minnow
Red-fin minnow
Blood tailed minnow
Black-nosed dace
Horney head chub
Cutlip minnow
Common carp

Anguillidae (freshwater eels)
American eel

Clupeidae (Herring family)
Alewife (sawbelly)
Gizzard Shad (recently reported)

Salmonidae (trouts and salmons)
Common whitefish (cisco?)
Brown trout
Rainbow trout
Brook trout
Lake trout
Atlantic Salmon

Osmeridae (smelt)
Rainbow smelt

Umbridae (mudminnows)

Esocidae (pikes)
Chain pickerel
Northern pike

Fundulidae (killifishes)
Banded killifish

Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks)
Brook stickleback

Percopsidae (troutperches)
Trout perch Over

Atherinopsidae (silversides)
Brook silversides

Centrarchidae (sunfishes)
Black crappie
Rock bass
Green sunfish
Pumpkin seed
Smallmouth bass
Largemouth bass

Percidae (perches)
Yellow perch
Manitou darter
Johnny darter
Tessellated darter
Fan-tailed darter

Moronidae (basses)
White bass

Cottidae (sculpins)
Eastern slimy sculpin
Miller’s thumb

Gadidae (cods)

New to Basin

Sciaenidae (drums)
Freshwater drum (sheepshead, mid 20th century)

Gobidae (gobies)
round goby (21st century)?
TOTALS: 71 species representing 24 families